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Whether you get a flu shot or not, it is important to bolster immunity during the fall and winter months. This increases your resistance to colds and flu and prepares your body to fight all viruses and unwanted visitors. However, do not think only colds, flu and COVID19 are covered with a strong immune system. Supporting your immunity system also protects you against chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Asthma and Stroke. It never hurts to aim for a long-term immune system health.

A healthy immune system serves as your personal army, with the number one goal of protecting your body from pathogenic (disease making) invaders. Your adaptable soldiers are trained for special purposes and are always on call.

· They will be migrating to wherever needed within an hour, ingesting and destroying the microbes.

· Some will be releasing histamine & heparin (think about allergies), to promote inflammation.

· Some will eliminate parasites, promote chemicals to kill.

· Some of them ingest the invaders and display their parts on themselves for others. It is for educational purposes, maybe a little boasting.

· You also have Ninja’s who perform hand to hand combat with infected cells and they make those cells to go through a suicide process.

· Last but not least, you have snipers, who will examine an invader from far away, produce specific antibodies and attack! When they succeed, they will mark the same kind of invaders with a flag so all the rest of the soldiers will know how to defeat them.

COVID19 is not only scaring the people with compromised immunities, but the healthy ones as well. We are searching for supplements, vitamins, IV Therapies and other ways to strengthen our army, hoping to prepare us and loved ones before the vaccinations are ready.

Before I go to details in the following blogs on Immunity, I wanted to start by reminding you (and myself) to basic things you check before worrying about the emails that say, “BOOST YOUR IMMUNITY”, popping the pills or spending money on unnecessary things.

SO; make sure these are all checked to make your system ready, especially if you think your immune system is already challenged:

1) I can’t be more direct; SLEEP!!!! (8 HRS/Day), it is essential for a healthy lifestyle, regard it as rebooting of your system.

2) Stress lowers immunity. Practice relaxation techniques, such as breathing exercises, visualization, or meditation.

3) Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate. You need to get rids of the toxins

4) Eat well. I will write in detail in the next blog but just to let you know 70% of our Immune system is distributed throughout the digestive system.

5) Don’t Smoke ( A blog on Toxins also needs to be written)

6) Avoid from Excessive alcohol. (follow guidelines and have at least 3 days break in the week for your liver to have a chance to heal to continue detoxifying more serious substances)

7) Avoid from Excessive sugar. (healthy or not, all sugars have to be processed so excess will be a burden and jeopardise your immune system)

8) EXPOSURE to germs! Wash your hands regularly, and please your non-toxic soaps with no perfume/fragrance. Visit my shop

Thank you for reading, please drop me a message for any feedback or questions. In my next blog I will be looking into the supplements needed for our Immune system to function properly and hoping to dwell into our microbiome (a rainforest/cosmos inside, considered the 2nd Brain) which consists 70 % our immune system!

Yonca x

* I urge you to read “Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams” by Matthew Walker

**Body into Balance, An Herbal Guide to Holistic Self-Care by Maria Noel Groves.

Please Note. This blog is intended to provide educational information to the reader, As Loop Stories, I aim to share my knowledge on wellbeing and a wholesome life searching. I am a serial learner on many subjects and training to be a naturopathic nutrients , I am intending to put these thoughts and ideas down to create coherence to my research and practice. I am not intending to replace a personalized medical counselling, diagnosis and treatment from a trained health professional.

About me:

I started my LOOP Stories journey making soaps with circular economy models. This meant, no waste, no plastic, no toxic stuff is to be left behind or stored in our bodies. I believe caring for environment should start by caring for our bodies. Us, the little rascals, have to do something about it. In fact, during lockdown, I have started to train to be a Naturopathic Nutritionist in order to continue my journey. Looking at the problems our bodies/minds may have, I would like to mix the ancient healing methods with recent scientific research & data, in order to bring vitality and confidence to our disease free and long lives.

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