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Shopping and Eating out

When I finish, this page,  you will be able to find Free tips on buying the good food for your body, mind and the planet. Healthy food should never be perceived as expensive food, there are many ways to include metabolism boosting, immunity building ingredients in your kitchen.

I really enjoy eating out as well as cooking for friends and family. During my healing process from SIBO, it was so hard for me to chose the right foods from the menus. I ended up having a very bloated belly , usually accompanied with cramps and diarrhoea. Right now my metabolic flexibility allows me to enjoy big dinners with no symptoms.  I'm very passionate about sharing my expertise and research  in this field because social aspect of eating together is priceless. I have an instagram account just with my tips . Pls follow@loopstoriesuk so you wont miss my regular posts.

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