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LOOP Stories is very excited to create a subscription box for schools in UK. According to Nesta, it is far behind its European nations when the innovation and Sustainable entrepreneurship is considered ...


Next time you go out shopping, look at the ingredients of a mass produced soap, you will be surprised to see artificial perfumes, phalates and many nasty chemicals you won't be able to pronounce. Plus the packaging will have hidden toxins for you and the environment as well. We are giving you an opportunity to make your soaps at home, give them as a present or put them in your party bags.


Gift Box

Make your own eco-soap box

Soap making is addictive, we warn you :)


This will be a great gift which is good for us & for the environment.

It comes with key ingredients to make    two wholesome soaps.

Palm free| Vegan| Non Toxic

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Hand Holding Brown Paper Bag

Eco-Party Bags

We have also prepared single soap making kits for you to buy in bulk. Options are 5 or 10 pieces.

Great for making soap making parties or to put in party bags.

Like always; in eco-packaging, palm free, vegan and non toxic.

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