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Image by Krystal Ng

Heal Yourself

Healing Crystals

Cold pressed Organic 

Essential Oils

Free from Toxins, Palm, Paraben, BPA,Phthalates

Plant based products with zero waste ethos

will be back soon

Rhodonite embedded Botanical soap with many alternatives of Organic cold pressed essential oils

IMG_9637 2.JPG
will be back soon

Rose quartz and Amethyst embeded Botanical soaps, let the healing crystals and the essential oils do the healing.

IMG_9711 2.JPG
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Ah yes! I can write stories with soaps. you can order names and messages with bio glitter and  any colour you want.

IMG_9086 2.JPG
will be back soon

Breakfast in the shower? Gluten free oats and cinnamon ! great exfoliating and nourishing with 

cinnamon aroma.

IMG_2599 2.HEIC
will be back soon

 The good old coffee , a zero waste product because it uses left over coffee grounds to awaken your skin.

IMG_9693 2.JPG
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Ah yes! I can embed most things into soaps. you can order me to make personal soaps for you with your chosen objects within.

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