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How does it work? Looping toys in soaps

I am excited to  launch my idea LOOP STORIES with a subscription box for circular economy . I strongly believe the educational value of this project is as important as ecological, social and economical.

LOOP STORIES Soaps are all plant based, free from artificial perfumes and are packaged with all recycled materials. Hand-made soaps are fragranced with essential oils and have biodegradable glitter for some fun. I designed every single aspect with Circular Economy ethos.

They all come with  surprise toys which are all up-cycled. A lot of mothers I  have interviewed have confessed to have many of these mini toys at the bottom of toy boxes and I have decided to give these lonely plastic toys a voyage of a lifetime by keeping them busy. (Remember the movie Toy Story)

First of all, we believe washing hands can be fun when the children aim to reach to the toys. By putting plastic toys which are already in the system, we aim to eliminate them going to the landfill. The children will be able send the toys back to us with prepaid envelopes in order to receive stickers or more little surprises. They will be encouraged to write a story/poem about these toys or draw a picture  We will be posting these pictures on our social media account @loopstoriesuk instagram account.

We aim to create a platform for children doing their little actions for climate change. We think all recent media coverage on climate action has made the children feel a little anxious.  We would like to promote circular economy to children by making them see & use the abundance in their ecosystems and create Loop stories for Resource efficiency. 

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