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3 day Cleansing- a start to clear mind and give your body a break to heal itself- a simple list

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

January is a month for resolutions right ? What have you put down on paper?

Most will go with dry-jan which seems reasonable , my husband does that, his birthday is at the end of the month and it gives him time to cleanse his liver because during Festive period , our livers are doing double shift to detoxify our bodies from excess sugar and alcohol.

When you think about detox, it can be a little scary for people, how ever we try to avoid we are bombarded with inflammatory food and we are addicted to them.

During December , one of the books I have read was by Dr. David and Austin Permutter (they are father and son), it was called "Brain Wash-Detox your mind fro clearer thinking , Deeper Relationships and lasting happiness."(1) It was such an easy read so much information about the neurological side of the effects of life styles we choose these days. the "disconnection syndrome' they stressed is so happening. We need to quieten our amygdalas and give our prefrontal cortex the power.

In the book they have 8 days (steps) for a good brain wash, rebooting is the term if you want.

I see food as communication tool not a calorie one in my practice so I will propose a very simple way to start your journey for clearing your mind and body. let me use "Brain Wash"'s guide for a 3 day. I do this every Monday-Wednesday , and toss some ingredients out and let others occupy more space in my body.




- WHOLE FOODS- NATURE MADE NOT FACTORY MADE ( I try not to consume anything with a label but, if it very hard to do from scratch, the rule is maximum of 6 ingredients in labels)





I would start with these first, you will be surprised how hard it is!!!!

when I was sick 3 years ago I have done 8 weeks of:








STARCHY VEG ( I had carrots, beetroot, and the tasted like baklavas)

LEGUMES (only non-GMO soya and black beans two times a week)


PROCESSED MEAT (only wild fish, organic chicken, grass fed beef allowed )

When I say that, people go "what have you eaten?" let me tell you, I have eaten the world! changed my dysbiosis into a system which does not even need a pain killer.

I will let you know more about that later.

I would urge you to start with one day first week and you can increase it to three. Depending on how you feel ( actually you can feel really bad first times around, flu like systems even- because you are giving your body time to detox the toxins from your system)

Good Luck, let me know how it goes.

To vitality!

Your sincerely,


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