Join LOOP who is keeping "virus free" and making a positive impact on the environment 

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Our vegan and biodegradable soaps will not harm nature and us with harmful chemicals and perfumes. Mini-toys are never bought but upcyled.

Children are encouraged to send the mini-toys back to us with stories and pictures they have made. Our octopus will reward them, how exciting!

We are thrilled to provide educational value to an ecological one to create a social platform! Oh, it is just fun washing our hands:)

We are a Plastic Free Proud company. All our packaging is from recycled products and plastic free apart from our not-lonely plastic toys which loop as long as you want. 

CEPHA Design Methodology

Octopuses have 3 Hearts and blue blood.

and they have 9 BRAINS!

Mission Statament and Manifesto

Actions for Resource efficiency


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