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Wholesome soaps in ecological packaging, handmade in  London

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Hand Hygiene

Eco-soaps for Environmental Impact

Please watch our customer journey video and join LOOP who is keeping "virus free" and making a positive impact on the environment 

Vegan and Ocean Friendly ingredients are used for our hand crafted soaps made in London. Wellbeing ( mind, body and planet) is our mission.

Did you know Octopuses have 3 hearts and 9 brains! They are our inspiration for our Innovation Thinking which follows circular economy and C2C Design techniques . 

We are happy reduce the single-use plastic by  engaging with children for our environmental impact soaps. We also can provide bespoke soaps with chosen memorabilia for our clients.

We are a Plastic Free Proud company. All our packaging is  recycled /biodegradable

/recyclable products. 

CEPHA Design Methodology

Octopuses have 3 Hearts and blue blood.

and they have 9 BRAINS!

Mission Statament and Manifesto

Actions for Resource efficiency


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